the sun will set

I share some ideas w/Mid America Land Restoration/Microbes/Probiotics that i share w/all;

    I think Mid America would be a good one to share in some debate to start this debate to share the Google Drive Documents/spreadsheet to collaborate;

  the sun will set.

 Please think of this;

          When we do something many are left fragmenting, not followed thru as many are distracted w/real survival. For many of the issues of the times are over one`s head. But if we set up a flow of understanding as we apply it living local, we than build new neural networks.

    Rick Staggenborg`s work is a good example as he has answers + we all need to understand what we can each do now, so Rick you also may want to start a debate document, so let us know.

     So my idea meaning our combined` effect is that we choose an issue that effects us all, as we prioritize our community issues preventing us from living local. + Then give story of detail so we debate it + make it clear + those able + skilled follow thru until we have a federal/international action so all states/locals comply in protection of our earth + beyond that sustains us.

                   Fueling  all to live local in harmony!

     Considering we have nothing more important than to understand how to balance our genetic bio diversity, these people at Mid America can open our eyes, so thank you!  

    I suggest our Google documents to collaborate with which i have uploaded, which welcomes all to comment to use where can + share w/us to trigger others, so we assimilate inter personally how each can do one`s part + Ex; why what we do or our Gov does in the US/Congo/Iraq + this list is lengthy w/negative effects left. So everywhere people gain insight to suffering that we still are taking part of locally + afar..

   Which i feel this problem is huge + until we welcome our students to exponentially fill in the worn torn links as all do one`s walkabout, it will not work. For no one can work for the future of another, rather we must work to be present in the moment + live local. Only than as we focus direct together, not control another, than our children will feel the energy missing, as well that which will fuel them to resolve along side us all. As we go within + check into the effects we leave on self + others. Gaining empathy to simply respect all life understanding we are all interdependent on our natural world + each other.

   Is it not strange that the military mind has not over come taking berries from one that has none??

 Meanwhile people rethink of how this can be simplified for all locals to be supported, coming to the table eye to eye w/planning/permitting/legislators, now w/facts hold self + others accountable, locally + afar, as we use others scars. Which we have plenty + no more should we have any!.

    We don`t just want transparency, we want to share this earth + enjoy + explore the unique bio cultural exchanges from the beautiful biodiversity that fueled them + can us now as we work together.

    Many of you can fuel this path while many may need to study one or more of the documents, so as to link our movements + address the many now left behind.

  I know this takes more thought as i will have an example of dysfunctions that i am hoping all will work with one`s students focus directing together, so we don`t just have an ongoing list, rather we have a few documents that actually change thought, policy, law. As we agree on the dysfunctions + debate those that locals cannot resolve. + Those of you locally that list + resolve your own, please link + share them on the sun will set spreadsheet triggering others to rethink vs. learn the hard knocks, which is only a fools `way of learning. Rather  we have very good people that communicate well, thank you! + Barack Obama you are one of them w/this potential as we hold your position + you accountable to do just this, please share + tell all of Gov that no more will we be unorganized + we welcome all to come + be a local participant.

  So we all become a local, global + beyond mindful participant, working within the respect for all life that sustains us all, as we use the natural rule of law of mother earth + beyond as the only law.

Dunn i know you are good at this, thank you for how you have worked w/the Canadian sisters + brothers, same you Lisa working w/the Congo sisters + brothers  + many more, knowing well the US is leaving negative effects + many are riding on the wave not understanding the life that is being destroyed, that locals need to sustain oneself. + Now we can as we share some story as we prioritize what is good for each to be also shared w/all! Thank you for what you do!

Please have patience so together we make all work, for this has been a lot of study + we may need to make corrections so hold us accountable + please comment as you take a note pad + get real w/you + your communities sharing the many solution oriented options we have now; 

                           Thank you Nabble + Google for making this happen!
                                        Until we meet in thought, lov kara + mishi
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