`i come to talk story, needs you to help us reach all and make a difference..

           Please note we are working at sharing humanity's great links to fuel each to self-develop,`shifting one's energy of stress into mindful acts while working collectively at one's local `plan, part-time, where ever one is... Please forgive our terrible editing as we do try to clean it up.

          So please share us along with your walkabout for you and your communities;

   `i come to talk story
     Nabble is rethinking so check them out, and we thank them for helping us as a US non profit and wish them and their technical help, the best of luck in their future desires. Thank you Nabble!
   We thank Google! For the use of their free website and technical help;

  come talk at `i come to talk story (ictts.org)


         As well Apps for Education/Drive/Earth/Engine, as we are studying now, etc. and all their continued support w/Ad Grants for `i come to talk story as a US 501.c3 non-profit association. As we have a plan to fuel everyone's local `plan, globally where can reach, so please take part.

                Facebook we thank you! For our recent US Nonprofit facebook page and personal page and the much goodness in fragments. But your instability is no longer acceptable, so i will be quitting all!


                                     for `i come to talk story,

           to help us fine-tune one's local `plan, as many are lost in the fog, including Facebook..

           We thank twitter! As we find it is the easiest way for us to share w/Pres. Trump...


                             Let us know what can work for you!
    Then on to using more of  Nabble's and Google's great tools to better reach out to all while we have you!

     Please note we are restructuring to make `i come to talk story's global virtual platform 
more efficient for all, so please help us!

           And please see;  


          For we are very thankful for all that Nabble does for us, as well can do the same for you!

           Check our work and let us know what issues you are having in the instance, as we have a plan for needs/offerings to be shared locally and afar. And you can add input to a simple form you can make/we are working at now, or correct us if there is a more efficient way to do this, to fuel each to fine tune what works for one's communities??

     As communities then come link w/`i come to talk story, one's communities exchange of needs/offerings, opening one's platforms, knowing best one's local `plan is best to define real needs and offerings that each community can sustain and respect!

     Meanwhile, there is no better Education as students within all walk by each other's side and prioritize oneself and what is toxic;

        Support what needed as a volunteer, heal, thru self-reflection co_evolving one's curriculum while restoring one's healthier working community, learning when to do what first for self, and on to self-develop/explore as a local mindful participant, preparing/collaborating part-time where ever one is. So all define your offering of how best work into great careers helping these issues of the times and all involved to make it a peaceful transition for all!

       Knowing one's local `plan done efficiently is the best rule of understanding. We do not need false walls that waste more resources when sensitive wild life's behaviors give us sustainable tools to work with! Do see the new Blue Planet II Series, it is very beautiful showing good work from many welcoming all to take part in this rapid climate change negatively affecting all life on planet earth now and will get worse if all do not focus direct parttime together.

                    So if you have a better plan then please share with us!

    We welcome policy change by all, as 1 universal common sense of mindful science is created from each local `plan sharing. Over coming the wrongdoing from fragmented science permitting ecological whoring. This way people can be free to create efficiently, while others mindfully act.

   Please, you can take part in a variety of ways, gain support/support each to do one's homework, heal if in need, knowing best where the local ways via one's local `plan, can be a wise choice for one w/needs not met, offerings unable to share?

  There is no better way to obtain peace within as you `boon w/the natural enhanced world that is mindfully worked as in one's local `plan w/collective community locally and afar;

       W/neighbors using agroecological systems/political movement, your community gains entire biome(s) to seasonally work, sensitively, to gain local tools to understand;

          Explore the wild/Develop tourism/ER preparedness, then to welcome people into your celebrations, w/a natural grown wild potluck, live music, scheduled following meets. As all share in collaboration with your local `plans, living local process. Then taking home/or afar what can to share w/one's own local `plan, as all co_evolve together...

     For part-time collective amazing work can connect w/humanity's options now, so together we work on serious earth/space issues affecting us all.

   So please have patience with us. And you too check out Nabble's and Google's tools for you and your communities to organize and don't forget to link w/us addressing our new changes, sharing humanity's options now, to choose from and add to for your community to define what works best.

   So peacfully all gain local natural grown wild food-fish-animal/energy with localized systems of low impact as people become aware to balance one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors, as one's best energy source/technology, to gain one's sovereignty. Ending false aid from afar and Colonial control.

        Say no thanks, but we appreciated what you tried to do and did, now please go home and work at your own and network w/us!

                  Work w/agrecological systems/political movements, that work!

     We welcome you to understand how interrelating on ones/your local `plan can be more efficient for all, to self-develop/heal, get one's own needs met and offerings shared, as your communities get their needs met and local offerings shared. So be an advocate and start your/a local `plan, and share us with your walkabout for you and your communities... And don't forget to share your link with us, fueling others to do the same..

    Yes i realize US Gov is not doing this openly as they hold many accountable for supposedly few wrongdoers that also deserve to speak their mind in an open platform, to further define who really is the wrongdoer?? Even though we do not support any aggressive acts. And no matter who, we share w/empathy support.

  We feel all Govs should open one's platform and let skilled students walk by their side to change these outdated ways and end programmed;

    Aggression/Delusion/Military/Nuclear use accept some for medicine w/no half-life and can be recycled.

  Some of these issues are best-understood w/support in place as you collectively work at what can part time that makes sense to you, as you listen to others at the table, self-reflect, and co_evolve together as you get mentally clear and physically strong...

  This is how each of us can gain truth as reps for local `plans share one's reality, so all can become a local, global, mindful participant!

   Please choose what categories you want to link with us now to best understand your living local process potential. So please check back for updates, and give feedback...

        Also, note i will be shifting some posts, so they are saved in our archive w/Nabble, so you may see them repeated.
     Most important please all realize, part-time is all it takes to be organized to interrelate in one's local `plan. So you also share your bi`joy experiences as you `boon w/the natural world and continue to explore the earth and beyond`s uniqueness! And celebrate w/humanity's options, many are fortunate to organize with! And many are not!

        We want to fuel by sharing links of `patches that want to talk, that have skills to collaborate on how best to do what as we welcome links showing what works/what doesn't. As well further define how best to do exchanges w/the `pockets left behind that we will seek out, and welcome all to share. To further define how best to link with those without basic comforts of nuts and bolts in place! For can you imagine having no fresh water or safe sanitation, ill and without support. Let alone face further sea rise/temperature rise w/climate change's negative effects in the process now, affecting more than some in some locations, as all are now in the 6th mass extinction, affecting the life that truly sustains all?

So please do what you can to `shift your fear/calm your self and join w/friends and make your local `plan and celebrate along the way!

    Love us at `i come to talk story..
United  Plant Savers

  `i come to talk story..

      Is a 501(c)3 US non-profit association, and all donations are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. We welcome you to define how you want to participate in you and your community...

     If interested in donating or giving us a grant to help reach out, after we have payed our own way for going on 40 years perfecting our research/using great tools that i study so please don't blame others for my inability for i'm still working at this w/many good people, but would appreciate salaries for all/more tools and staff/collecting links and sharing humanity's work. To define how best to resolve the many serious issues now we all globally face. As well the living local issues interfered in, as many are left behind w/out basic comforts, unable to go figure getting needs met and offerings shared.

         So if interested, please email kara; kareje@ictts.org or call and leave a message and i will get back; 1-360-450-3749 skype.

   Thank you for making a difference!

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Please help us make this form efficient for all to understand, that working w/one's students networking, everyone's needs and offerings can be met, along w/the communities. Have your rep come link w/us as `i come to talk story continues to reach out to all, so together all co_volve in ha... read more
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This is for you, that cares about life to continue, peace, temperature rise, efficiency to restore.. `i come to talk story... Happy `Super Moon! ... read more
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Please let the great work being done by Prof Miguel Altieri and his wife Clara Nicholls fuel you to do your local `plan part time w/your/or others collectve communities. Here's some of their work; https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Clara_Nicholls From link above, some pr... read more
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How frking crazy have we all been? Don't ya think it is time to be more efficient to handle all this vs Pres Trump you wanting to create more Nuclear, are you out of your mind? As well all legislators that claim to represent people?? People it's time to hodl self and others accountable w/asserti... read more
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Have you seen our work, please forgive our errors but w/your support, donations will pay our overhead, that we have not collected for over 38 years in building this virtual platform, rather we've paid to share the process of living local, exchanging/networking globally in solidarity humnanity... read more
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`i come to talk story is a Charitable US non profit. We welcome global innovators working for humanity, to make a serious difference an donate, not accept that their is nothing that can't be done, when we can and you can, make a difference by helping us. For m... read more
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Happy day to all! Rather then for me to quit some social medias, like my personal facebook, which i have before due to being actually sick over so much talk, or even so much resources from facebook yet no support for our non profit and actually they want me to pay them to advertise on our new... read more
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How fckin stupid are we as `Earthlings? It's bad enough Americans have no clue of how IS Gov/Military interfere in others at a very high price, then to profit to think they must resolve! Earthlings you too can help in this, as we Americans pool resources to hold US accountable and you too can ho... read more

Stay updated w/GMO toxic stuff and please share..

in GMO/Nuclear see more.. The next` move do_in.. can be a very important move..
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Thank you Organic Consumers Association via mail.salsalabs.net 9:07 AM (10 hours ago)2.8.18 Good News; https://sustainablepulse.com/2018/02/05/us-court-rejects-fda-appeal-on-gmo-salmon-approval-documents/#.Wn0REeg-f-n https://sustainablepulse.com/2015/10/22/gm-crops-now-bann... read more
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http://www.ae911truth.org/ read more
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https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2018/01/the-automotive-liberation-of-paris/550718/?inf_contact_key=7b94dabf199877a7ff094356c5c18d68ae30ee75de91d58a5f1609d4de7986ac http://www.nature.com/news/huge-haul-of-rare-pterosaur-eggs-excites-palaeontologists-1.23049 read more
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Thanks Geoff Lawton for sharing; Vive la France: A fantastic overview of a remarkable “get cars off the streets” campaign that Paris has been waging over the past couple of decades: “Wrap your head around this: in terms of mode share, driving within Paris city limits has dropped about 45 p... read more
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Thanks Geoff Lawton for sharing; Herbs: Isabell Shipard passed away in 2014. Many of you may be familiar with her work, as she was the best herbalist I have ever met. I had the great honor of working with her for many years and we supported each other’s work. My mentor and perma... read more
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Dear friends, Lets keep removing toxic mindsets. Our movement was at the centre of the fight! Hong Kong's ivory market is gigantic --- responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of elephants. With these amazing creatures careening towards extinction, Avaazers launched a massive petit... read more
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I share from Senator Ron Wyden; Dear Ms. J Lincoln: Thank you for contacting me about net neutrality. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue. For twenty years, I have been fighting to preserve a free and open Internet. I have championed legislation and filed comments wi... read more
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Thanks Geoff from Permaculture Online and more for his Friday Five. As always, if you have comment / reactions / a different point of view, please share on the blog-version of this Friday Five (and all past + future Friday Fives), all housed here; http://www.geoffla... read more
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Thank you Con Barbara Lee for your Gov shut down email update! As i told Bernie on his live meet yesterday, it's time for `we the people to break the dysfunctional codependencys and use humanity's great options now. As we welcome you/all to see our plan in support of working w/all to welc... read more
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I share w/you as i share w/a COPD site seeking options to help; Options are available now w/your doctor or skilled friend helping you taper down your western medicine and skillfully get assessed by Ex; Dr. Yun Wang in Seattle, WA area. This is what i've done over the years, sadly to se... read more
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Thank you Hannah and all at; http://www.rogueclimate.org/ Last week, close to 400 people came together in Salem from across the West Coast for a rally and day of action in Salem to ask Gov. Kate Brown to fol... read more
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Please see; http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/flaming-arrow-package/ So we can define if Tim knows what he is saying; https://www.npr.org/2018/01/12/577435746/tim-kruger-how-do-we-slow-climate-change-before-its-too-late Thanks for helpin... read more
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Thank you Dr. Helen Caldicott, for keeping us informed! https://www.thenation.com/article/new-poll-shows-public-overwhelmingly-opposed-to-endless-us-military-interventions/ Why do more not listen to here great work over stopping Nuclear use accept some medicine, and stopping weapons... read more
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https://www.change.org/p/robert-conway-demand-sport-chek-remove-fur-from-its-shelves?utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=link Petitioning Sport Chek DEMAND Sport Chek Remove Fur From its Shelves Victoria Kaulback Hamilton, Canada After announcing last year that fur would be ... read more

We are making changes, thank you all for your feedback!

in FAQ - frequently asked questions:.
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I thank the ladies that are local activists and teachers to bring to our attention that using only small letters are harder to read what we share. For good communication skills are important! Originally when we traveled in poor areas, it was just a way for us to not show that we where ... read more
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Please note these people are one of our favorite mindful groups, so do take part! See how dishonest the Clinton's really are; https://cagj.org/2016/09/anchor-farm-project-the-clinton-foundations-link-to-agrabmgf/ Thank you for making a difference! read more
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AGRA Watch October 30, 2017 · Peasant farmers in Rwanda are resisting seed privatization today as meetings begin to push forward patenting of genetic resources. #SeedDiversity #SeedSovereignty #FoodSovereignty La Via Campesina VIIth Session of the International Seed Treaty : Let's Not Sw... read more
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